Weight Loss

At Cryo1, we offer a full body cryotherapy weight loss service. Cryotherapy can help in providing a natural aid to weight loss, helping the body burn more calories, and burn more fat.

Cryotherapy provides a variety of benefits across a number of different medical conditions; from easing the pain from tendonitis, to muscle and ligament strains. It can even provide relief from more permanent conditions such as arthritis.

Cryo1 offers cryotherapy weight loss services. Based in Sheffield, with easy access from surrounding areas such as Chesterfield and Doncaster, we use cryotherapy treatment to aid in natural weight loss, removing the need for any unnatural fat burners or surgery.

Short exposure to the extreme cold temperatures for a short space of time causes the body to increase its metabolic rate to produce heat. When exiting the cryochamber, blood is pumped around the body, removing toxins and increasing the body’s oxygen supply. In this state, the body’s metabolic rate increases, burning around 500 – 800 kcal, over the 5 – 8 hours following the procedure.

The effects of the treatment are often noticeable after just a single treatment. However, better weight loss results can be seen from several procedures. After several cryotherapy sessions, the body’s increased metabolic rate tends to last longer between treatments. At Cryo1, we offer packages of cryotherapy for a discounted price. Book now to experience the benefits that cryotherapy can give to you.