Our mission at CRYO1 is to bring the benefits of Cryotherapy to all

We want to make the world of Cryotherapy easy to understand, give you the knowledge, so you can understand how it can help you. Cryotherapy is often associated as something only used by Sports Professionals, and as much as it benefits those individuals, the benefits go far deeper, helping far more people.

At Cryo1, we use top of the range Cryosense cryosaunas. Cryosense offers the first cryosaunas which are able to deliver extreme cold and heat in a single unit.

Our Cryotherapy chamber uses liquid litrogen to cool air to 196 degrees Celsius, and as high as 80, providing effective Cryotherapy and heat therapy. Because of this, our clients can choose to alternate between heat therapy and Cryotherapy in a single session.

As well as providing whole body Cryotherapy, the Cryosense cryochamber is the only cryochamber available with two different target zones, so clients can choose a greater cold intensity on the upper body or lower body, allowing for more targeted and more effective pain management.

We offer single session Cryotherapy, with discounts for package deals. See our services pages for full details on our Cryotherapy services, and book online to see how Cryotherapy can help you.