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About Us

Our mission at CRYO1 is to bring the benefits of Cryotherapy to all! We want to make the world of Cryotherapy easy to understand, give you the knowledge, so you can understand how it can help you. Cryotherapy is often associated as something only used by Sports Professionals, and as much as it benefits those individuals, the benefits go far deeper, helping far more people.

We offer single session Cryotherapy, with discounts for package deals. See our services pages for full details on our Cryotherapy services, and book today and see how Cryotherapy can help you.

What isCryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is an extremely effective treatment for a variety of applications. Cryotheraphy exposes the body, or specific parts of the body to extreme temperatures via liquid nitrogen cooled air. The cooled air ranges between -156°C & -196°C depending on application.

Cryotherapy treatment works by shocking your body into action, increasing blood circulation, boosting the immune system and kick starting your central nervous system.

The Benefits

The benefits to Cryotherapy are vast, and vary greatly depending on the treatment used and the amount of sessions. There are many reasons for using Cryotherapy treatment, from fat loss, to pain management, and even treating skin conditions.

After Cryotherapy treatment, the body's circulatory system is enhanced, increasing blood flow, and helping clear toxins from the area treated. In this state, the body's metabolic rate increases, burning around 500 – 800 kCals for 5 – 8 hours after treatment. This aids in fat loss without the need for invasive surgery, as the body is in a natural state of fat burning. Besides being incredibly effective on fat loss, and recovery, Cryotherapy is also proven to boast anti ageing and mental wellbeing benefits.

Our Services

Single Session £59
Five Sessions £200
Ten Sessions £350
Localised Session £25

(per 10 minutes)

Monthly Payment £240

8 X whole-body Sessions
4 X mini localised treatments
(Monthly payment sessions can be shared)

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With prices from £25 per session, and based in Sheffield, Cryotherapy has never been more accessible. Click the button below, ENQUIRE TODAY and experience the benefits of Cryotherapy for yourself.

Interested in buying your own equipment?

If you work in the health, sports, or wellness industry, we can help you expand the services you offer, with proven and increasingly popular Cryotherapy treatment. CRYO1 is the only UK distributer of Cryosense machines and equipment.